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  1. Posts should be on topic and have thought behind them.
  2. Trolling is ok if it's funny, but don't derail the conversation.
  3. When replying: Be mature. Be conversational. Be logical. Be terse.
  4. If you choose to have a pfp, use your face or something not cringe.
  5. Pseudonyms are fine, but no weird/edgy usernames please.
  6. No doxing, harassment, phishing, or any other illegal activities.
  7. No posts affirming evil, including anything NSFW.
  8. No doomposting, sperging, or bad faith arguments allowed.
  9. Don't be stuck up. Don't be needy. No spam.
  10. Don't post, reply, or lurk too much. Don't be terminally online.

Privacy Policy

By making an account, you agree to have your username, hashed password, account creation timestamp, file uploads and any posts or replies stored on the server which at any point you can delete. By logging in you agree to have an AuthToken and timestamp stored on the server which let's you stay logged in. It will be deleted on the server after 6 hours, or after 30 days if you choose "remember me".

If you choose to invite people to the forum then the admin or owner will have a record of the username of the person you've invited paired with yours, which they can delete at their discretion.